Easily track all your assets
in your supply chain loop


View and Manage your assets by collaborating with your business parthers


Analyze and Optimize your returnable loop to get the most value from your assets

What is

LoopManager™ is nuVector’s asset management application that enables your company to track, manage and optimize the use of its returnable assets within the supply chain; whether the assets are in the supplier’s logistical loop, the customer’s logistical loop, or both.

Who should use

Companies that either own or manage a fleet of returnable assets. If you are responsible for a fleet of returnable assets such as totes, bins, kegs, IBCs, gas cylinders, racks, or even company assets and have to account for them, you can use LoopManager™.

What does
LoopManager do?

Manages your asset catalog, tracks and manages your asset inventory, supports your asset shipping function, alerts you of risky situations, keeps tabs on work being done on your assets and manages your asset purchasing.

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