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LoopManager™ is a nuVector’s Returnable Packaging Management Software that offers online centralized packaging cataloguing. This enables the sharing of standardized asset information, including inventory levels in real time, location of all returnable assets being managed, proactive notifications that provide up to the minute information on potentially risky situations, returnable shipping management as well as automatically generated analyses and reports based on the captured operational data.

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Centralized Packaging Catalog

One centralized view into all your returnable containers specifications… Diagrams, drawings, spec sheets… All in one place for everybody…

LoopManager™ provides a centralized asset catalog that allows multi-tenant enterprises to consolidate all relevant information about their returnable assets.

The days of all the specifications spread across endless spreadsheets, emails, power-points files are gone. Because all the information is securely stored in the cloud, no one has to worry about not having the latest revision of the spec sheet or drawing.

LoopManager™ catalog even allows your business partners (internal or external) to share information if you so desire; all that is required is the proper authentication and everyone can see the same information.

Location Based Inventory Tracking

Know where all your returnable containers are, in real-time, accurately… No matter if you have them, your supplier has them or your customer has them…

LoopManager™ captures the number and whereabouts of your returnable fleet. It must adapt to any environment so we’ve made it hardware agnostic… It can work with RFID, barcodes and even manual inputs to ensure that it fits your environment.

LoopManager™ can handle both serialized and non-serialized assets, meaning that it understands individual assets (with a unique identifier) or type of assets. In either case, LoopManager™ provides you with accurate count and position of all your returnable assets.

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Returnables Shipment Management

Create, view and control any facet of your shipment process for returnables… Then follow the movement history of every returnable asset in your loop…

LoopManager™ provides the capability to track every movement of your returnable containers, whether it requires shipping or not (the mere action of moving a container from an area to another is a movement, isn’t it?).

Create BOLs, record asset movements, view repositioning activities… All in one simple to use interface. And because LoopManager™ keeps track of every asset’s movement, you can see the complete history of the utilization of every asset.

LoopManager™ also allows you to model any movement workflow that happens in reality. For example, if the movement of a container must go through various stages such as staging, inspection, loading, shipping, receiving, unloading and storing, LoopManager™ can easily track each of these stages so that you always know exactly where your returnable containers are.

Powerful Value-Add Activity Tracking

Track and manage all value-added activities performed on your returnable containers… Even track resources used in the work activities…

Returnable assets require tender loving care, whether you wash them, repair them, kit them or even discard them, LoopManager™ allows you to keep track of all those activities.

Attach resources (time, consumables, man-hours, etc.) to activities and track them just as easily. Then, get all the necessary reports to use in your regular business operations.

Through our Partner module, you can even track any activity performed on the assets by your suppliers, customers or logistics providers.

Assets Activity

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Business Partner Order Management

Allow your suppliers or customers (internal or external) to directly order the returnable packaging they need to keep you running, yet have full control of what they can order, when and how much…

LoopManager™ enables you to define business partner ordering rules so that you can effectively feed your supply chain with the proper type and quantity of returnables and keep tight control of the usage of your returnables.

And when your partner needs more than what they are allotted for, they can simply use LoopManager™ partner module to make the proper requisition of returnables. Then, use our control view to easily accept or reject their requests.

Proactive Alerts

Get actionable alerts before bad things happen. Set and forget notification rules allow you to focus on your real work…

LoopManager™ provides the capability to setup threshold conditions that will generate alerts if they are met. This allows the un-manned monitoring of your returnable packaging loop and only is alerted to it if it becomes necessary… That way you can focus your energies on your core functions…

LoopManager™ can notify you via email and text to ensure that proper action is taken before bad things happen.

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Container Requirements Planning (CRP)

LoopManager™ provides the capability to plan and schedule container requirements for any or all suppliers and any or all container types based on the current inventory, in-transit inventory, production schedule, safety stock requirements and transportation lead times.

This powerful capability greatly simplifies the planner’s job and provides a simple way to optimize the container management process with smart algorithms that react to the current environments.

Container Loop Calculation (CLC)

LoopManager™ provides the capability to automatically calculate the amount of assets required enterprise-wide.

This tool allows planners to quickly get a very good estimate of the number of containers, racks, bins, etc, that will be required by each supplier and then combine all the supplier’s information to provide an enterprise-wide number.

This powerful capability greatly simplifies the planner’s job and provides a simple way to optimize the container management process with smart algorithms that react to the current environments.

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Configurable Purchase Order Management

Easily manage the purchasing (and selling) or your returnable packaging using our configurable work-flow process that completely adapts to your work environment…

Every company has a different process to handle the acquisition of new assets. With LoopManager’s work-flow rules, you can configure the system to exactly reflect that reality.

Notify people of new POs, generate PO/SO PDF files, accept, reject, put on hold… whatever your process is, our application can easily create, track and manage all asset related purchase and sales related orders.

Work-shift Clock-In/Clock-Out

Provide a simple, yet secure push-button clock-in/clock-out mechanism to your workers. No more expensive or specialized hardware necessary…

In many plants and warehouses, facility managers have to go through the hefty process of researching and implementing specialized clock-in/clock-out (CI/CO) hardware devices. Then, they have to implement interfaces to report all those hours.

LoopManager’s CI/CO module provides a simple-to-use interface that allows employees to quickly and efficiently log their start and end work shifts. Then, it can produce a variety of reports for payroll, work time audits, etc.


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Data Capture

Capture data in the way that best suits your environment… RFID, barcodes, manual input… Being hardware agnostic gives you the flexibility you need…

Data-capturing technology needs to adapt to the way your environment is setup, not the other way around. LoopManager™ has been designed to work with any data-capture technology to give you the flexibility to use what’s best for you.

Use RFID, barcode scanning or even manual data input to capture real-time data at the point of action (POA).

Reports, Graphs and more…

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visually manage your returnable assets loop… That’s our commitment…

Yes, LoopManager™ tracks tons of data, true; but it is very hard to recognize the trends hidden in reams of numbers. That’s why LoopManager™ provides an extensive library of charts and graphs that help you understand the nuisances of your returnables loop.

And when you want to dig deeper and export data for further analysis, our reports provide a myriad of information that will help you find the needle in the haystack…

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