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What is LoopManager?

LoopManager™ is nuVector’s returnable asset management application that enables your company to track, manage and report the use of its returnable assets within the supply chain; whether the assets are in the supplier’s logistical loop, the customer’s logistical loop, or both.

LoopManager™ provides the business user with cutting-edge capabilities, including alerts and proactive notifications to ensure that the business user is aware of situations requiring immediate attention. LoopManager™ can be coupled with RFID technology to make faster and better-informed decisions when it comes down to managing the supply chain.

LoopManager™ offers online asset cataloguing that provides standardized asset information, including near real-time inventory levels, location of all returnable assets being managed, proactive notifications that provide up to the minute information on potentially risky situations, asset shipping management as well as automatically generated analyses and reports based on the captured operational data.

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Who should use LoopManager?

Companies that either own or manage a fleet of returnable containers. If you are responsible for a fleet of returnable assets such as totes, bins, kegs, IBCs, gas cylinders, racks, or even company assets and have to account for them, you can use LoopManager™.

What does LoopManager do?

Manages your returnable assets catalog, tracks and manages your asset inventory, supports your asset shipping function,
alerts you of risky situations, keeps tabs on work being done on your returnable assets and
manages your asset purchasing.

We can help your company successfully manage its operations,
manage its returnable assets and improve your ROI:

customer satisfaction


Reduce operational expenses

Reduce capital expenses

Increase customer and supplier satisfaction

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Capabilities: universal asset catalogue, inventory and movement visibility, proactive notifications, analysis and reporting, activity management

Adaptations: SAP, ORACLE, QAD, infor, Sage

Services: implementation, training, report analysis, monitoring, data migration

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Eliminate waste

Right-size returnable fleet

Ensure availability of returnables

How does LoopManager™ add value?

By answering the fundamental questions about your returnable assets:
Who has them? Where are they? How many do we have? How long have they been gone? and… Will I have enough?

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LoopManager™ can be coupled with RFID technology. Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object providing a unique identifier.

The wealth of useful information provided by RFID solutions allows enterprises to become aware of risky situations sooner, enabling them to make faster decisions when it comes to managing their supply chains.

When properly implemented, RFID solutions can provide very useful information to enable supply chain managers and packaging engineers to monitor and optimize the use of their assets in their operations.

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The Top 10 Questions LoopManager™ will answer for you…

  1. How many returnables do I have?
  2. Where are my assets?
  3. Who has my assets?
  4. How long have they had them?
  5. Can I reposition my returnables?
  6. Am I losing returnables?
  7. Am I stopping production due to lack of returnables?
  8. Will I have enough returnables?
  9. Can I get alerts before I run out of returnables?
  10. Do I have too many assets?