• Logistics and supply chain management


VOLVO is an automotive top Tier-1 OEM company. Its core activity is the production, distribution and sale of sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans, and compact executive sedans.

As part of their manufacturing process, VOLVO provides its supplier base with returnable containers to transport incoming components. This implies the investment of millions of dollars in returnable packaging; VOLVO needs an efficient tool to control and track those assets.

In partnership with packIQ, nuVector provides VOLVO cars with the LoopManager™ asset management software application to completely manage, control and handle the storage, shipping, ordering, and tracking of VOLVO’s returnable container fleet.

By using LoopManager™, VOLVO enables suppliers the direct or indirect placement of orders for the containers they need while controlling the type, quantity and frequency of each order. This has resulted in a crystal-clear view of the returnable container fleet, which has significantly improved the logistics processes associated with the storage, movement and tracking of the returnable fleet.

Additionally, VOLVO and packIQ use LoopManager™ to provide 360o visibility to all the processes being done at the Container Management Center (such as kitting, cleaning, etc), allowing for real-time information sharing between the two companies. This mitigates communication problems and streamlines the production process.